But IS is not performing the great military feats these scare stories give them credit for. And making them out to be such great conquerors only inflates the ridiculous vanity of the sadistic ham-actors who flock to IS.

People often start multi-tasking because they believe it will help them get more done. Those gains never materialize; instead, efficiency is degraded. However, it provides emotional gratification as a side-effect.

I am Cap’n Crunch. Ask Me Anything!

I’m the person who showed Steve Jobs the blue box, I am Cap’n Crunch. Ask Me Anything!

Twitter defends Ronaldinho in Mexico

Experience: I invented the loom band

Seeing the royal family and Pope Francis wear the rainbow loom was unreal. I looked at the pictures and thought to myself: “Wow, that was started from our dining room table.”

But that shouldn’t be an excuse. Apple undoubtedly spoke to a number of physicians when it created its app — the company has boasted of its partnership with the Mayo Clinic, for instance — and it still failed to include what is arguably one of the most basic metrics of human existence.

Because, as we all know: good girls don’t like sex and would never take pleasure in photographing their own bodies and possibly sending them to a lover. And bad girls — any woman who has taken a nude of herself is a de facto bad girl in this line of argument — are undeserving of protection. This isn’t just a dumb hangover from our Puritan past, it’s actually dangerous.

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What follows is not a horror story. It’s a series of moments.

They’re not accusations. They’re just my stories.

Fact check: Will Australian universities 'slide into mediocrity' without reform? - Fact Check - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“Saying we’re not in a bubble because it’s not as high as 1999 is like saying … Kim-Jong-Un is not evil because he’s not Hitler,” Gurley, a partner with big-name VC firm Benchmark Capital, told WIRED during a recent sit-down at his San Francisco office.

The future of the ABC’s state-based current affairs programs and some of its radio shows is up in the air with the broadcaster considering dramatic cost-cutting proposals. The ABC is also reviewing the future of current affairs television program Lateline which is due to mark its 25th year on air next year.

Mafia Wife, Getaway Driver, Stunt Woman: From The Underworld To Hollywood : NPR

But they’re a reminder that American politics is fundamentally rational. Republicans are uncompromising because compromise tends to expand the scope of government. Democrats are willing to make deep concessions because policy moves in a generally liberal direction. Republicans have a clearer message about government because their message about government is fundamentally popular. Democrats talk more about policy because what they have to say about policy is fundamentally popular.